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Pentagon report: Chinese ballistic missiles can target nearly theentirety of the US


China now has dozens ofnuclear-capable missiles that could target almost the entirety of the US,according to the Department of Defense’s 2015 reporton the Chinese military.


Thefollowing map from the report highlights the maximum missile ranges of China’smedium and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The longest-ranging ofthe missiles, the CSS-4, can target almost the entirety of the US (except forFlorida).

报告中的地图强调了中国导弹介质和洲际弹道导弹(ICBMs) 的最大射程。导弹中射程最大的,CSS-4,可以瞄准几乎整个美国(佛罗里达除外)。
TheCSS-4 has the largest range of any Chinese ICBM. The missile isnuclear-capable, according to the DoD report, and is housed in silos across the Chinese countryside.Beijing is estimated to have between 50 and 60 silo-based ICBMs.


Unlikethe other land-based missiles on the chart, the JL-2 is a sea-basednuclear-capable ballistic missile. Accordingto the DoD, the JL-2 will be carried by China’s future JIN-classballistic missile submarine as a nuclear deterrent. So far China hascommissioned four JIN-class submarines with a fifth one under construction. ThePentagon report expects the JIN to begin patrols in 2015.

(Navy Office of Legislative Affairs)A Chinese JIN-class submarine


The improvement in China’s nuclear deterrent has been spurred bydevelopments in countries that China might consider to be its strategiccompetitors.


Chinamodernized its missile forces because of “continued advances in the USand, to a lesser extent, Russian strategic ISR [Intelligence, surveillance andreconnaissance], precision strike, and missile defense capabilities,” thereport notes.


Likewise,India’s own nuclear force has put pressure on China to continuously update andbetter its own capabilities.



Russell 1 day ago

@FrankG – It would be agreat idea but would/will never happen. Everyone would assume, (and rightlyso), that everyone else is secretly building them and secretly build them also.I don’t think that there is a nuclear capable country in the world that wouldbe willing to give up the perceived benefit of being able to use them if theythought they needed to. Sad, but I think we all get to continue living ourlives wondering if/when our governments are going to start popping them off.

@FrankG-这是一个好主意,但可能永远都不会发生。每个人都会假设,(也理应如此),其他人也都在秘密建造这些武器,同时也在秘密提升自身能力。我不认为一个有核能力的国家,当 他们认为需要使用这些核能时,会愿意放弃就在眼前的好处。伤心,但我想我们会继续我们的生活,仍然好奇着我们的政府是否/何时会发射这些东西。

Guest 1 day ago
There is no newinformation here. Why is this a news ?
It is not the nukes that we should be worried about. We should be more worriedabout total dependence on Chinese made products and scale of Chinese military.China can bring down U.S economy without firing a nuke. Our defense industrycosts are 10 times higher than Chinese costs. If it takes us 200 million tobuild one F-35, they can make a copy in 20 million. Obviously the quality ofChinese made missiles and planes is questionable but they will surely outnumberU.S in every department. In coming decades, China will field more tanks,fighter planes, and combat ships than U.S.


LaoShur 1 day ago
We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.
Keep smiling through,
Just like you always do,
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds, far away.
So will you please say hello,
To the folks that I know,
Tell them I won’t be long,
They’ll be happy to know that as you saw me go
I was singing this song.
WW2 song that expresses the fact that soon most of us will be dead.


Lyle 1 day ago
What ever happen tocooperation and getting along . The world is not our enemy but partners inliving in this world. We all sure can destroy things but then what. We surehaven’t come too far from cave living when talk of destroying each other. Isn’tthere enough dead and destruction in the middle east to realize that there isno sense in it. People came to the USA to get away from the BS of the world andwe end up back in it. There has to be a better way before we all bomb eachother off the face of the earth. I am sad to say but the future looks bad.


Scott 10 hours ago
u.s. should thank chinafor supporting it’s food stamps for years. i just don’t get why a borroweralways talk bad things about their lender & still has the face to putouttheir hands asking for financial support for years. what a loser


robert a 11 hours ago
We can thank WilliamJefferson Clinton for that. He provided a waiver so the guidance systemtechnology could be handed over to them.


▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►P2◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ 1 day ago
I feel like I’m the onlyone who doesn’t see the future in the sword, but the shield.
A nuclear weapon, even in its infancy, was devastating, capable of killing tensof thousands in an instant, and millions more over time with radiation. Even ifdetonated above a target, the EMP effects could send the victims into the darkages for weeks, if not longer. Better weapons just mean more energy beingreleased, more versatility in their deployment, but the end result hasplateaued as far as its usefulness is concerned.

The real method of countering this would be a completely new system, and I’m nottalking about an interception system either. There will be a technologicalcounter to nuclear weapons just as guns replaced swords and tanks replacedhorses. Something else will come along to make nuclear weapons obsolete, and itlikely will be defensive in nature. We already hold the offensive trump cardwith nukes, but it isn’t really a trump card if your country dies as well.



Eddie 20 hours ago
It’s too late to doanything. I really hate Henry Kissinger


J 1 day ago
We are falling behind inmissile technology because of our treaties with Russia which ban testing ofcertain types of ballistic missiles. China on the other hand doesn’t have thoserestrictions (even Russia might be cheating and developing better missiles).


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